Tae Spears

Tae Spears

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      1. God Over Money (Speacial Guest Cory Cifax) - Tae Spears
      2. The Gospel - Tae Spears




Tae Spears is a hip hop artist based out of Milwaukee WI. He was introduced to hip hop at the age of 10 when his sister gifted him with a tape by a rap group called Luniz. Although he enjoyed rap it wasn’t until he heard a group called The Wu-Tang Clan that he started to fall in love with the art form. Tae found himself printing out lyrics of his favorite artist just to spend the school days debating with classmates on who was the nicest emcee.
5 years after being introduced to Hip Hop Tae Spears life would be changed forever.  While walking in his neighborhood he came across a church that was larger than what he was use to seeing. Out of curiosity he decided to check it out. The service was a program about hell which completely terrified him. The possibility of dying and going to a place so terrible moved Tae to give his life to Christ.

While fear was what drew him to Christ it was love that would cause him to grow in his walk. He was conflicted between his Love for God and his Love for music. He struggled with the idea of being a Christian but still reciting the lyrics “Cash Rules Everything Around Me (Cream)’. Tae’s youth pastor was very aware of his struggle with secular music and would weekly present him with an alternative in the form of Christian Rap. Each week Tae would return the CD given to him by his youth pastor simply saying “This is wack”.

That went on until one day during a car ride with a friend and a church youth leader he heard something that sounded authentic. It was a CD by a group called The Cross Movement. He was amazed to hear emcees accurately displaying the beauty of Christ through hip hop. That day Tae went and purchased every project by the group and destroyed every secular album that he owned.

A year later Tae Spears went with his youth pastor to minister to a group of kids at a detention center. After the word was preached a couple of the kids got together in a circle and started rapping. Tae seen the opportunity to spend some time with the kids and went and started rapping in the circle with them. What he found drove him to his call. After rapping about everything the pastor had just said moments before, he noticed that the kids understood the message better through rap. This event changed Tae’s focus causing him to immediately start writing rhymes with the intention to share the gospel.

Since then he has shared the stage with nationally known artist such as V. Rose  Flame, Da T.R.U.T.H and the very group that helped reveal Gods call in his life, The Cross Movement. His love for Christ combined with his authentic desire for those in the hip hop culture to know Christ has caused Tae to deliver the gospel with great passion and zeal. In 2015 he released his first project entiled “The Mixtape Vol. 1 (hosted by DJ Wade-O)”. Tae is apart of a team that he co-founded called Rooted Society and is currently going city to city using Hip Hop to present the gospel.