Kiahree Ogles

Kiahree Ogles

Managed Artist

      1. A Letter To God - Kiahree
      2. Social Drugs - Kiahree



Kiahree Ogles, stage name Kiahree, is a 23 year old conscious lyricist, writer, and producer based out of metro-Phoenix, AZ. He’s performed all over Arizona at various at-risk youth and church events, and has competed nationally in the annual Assemblies of God Fine Arts Festival; where he and his performing partner finished in the top 10 of their category.

He first found his love for rapping and singing in 2010 after an encounter with Jesus at a youth camp that changed his life and gave him purpose. Out of this encounter with God Kiahree developed the drive to produce music that could rival the industry in terms of quality and sound, while implementing the positive messages of Jesus and the Bible into his music. He has touched on subjects such as: pop drug culture, parental abandonment, and the internal struggles that he and his estranged family endure. He prides himself mainly on his storytelling ability and vulnerability in records that seems to resonate with his listeners.

Kiahree’s Mission Statement:

“I do what I do solely for the glorification of Christ and the upliftment of the people of the world. I am only interested in making quality music that will change the minds and hearts of those who happen to listen to what I have to say. My story is one of heartache, pain, joy, forgiveness, and most importantly one of victory. Through Christ I am able to touch the masses, and for this I am eternally grateful. It’s not about the music, but that you should know Christ and ultimately come to know yourself.”